Jo is a passionate,self-taught filmmaker and creative. As a young creator his main objective is to evoke emotions in his work by using unique visuals and sound. 

Jo quit his studies to pursue film, but also life at the same time. From creating films for friends and family at home he started working with brands, companies and artists that range from his small home Luxembourg all over to Australia. His passion for travel and discovery is what keeps him excited to always push limits while creating.


As of his young age of 19 he knows what is asked during this time and age to draw attention to projects. Not only does his diverse portfolio speak for itself, but his motivation and creativity only gets stronger for every new project and adventure. 

As this is still only the beginning of his career he learns a lot with every new opportunity that is given to him. He believes in taking time to sit down with you and discuss projects and ideas so that the communication is clear and that everyone is having a good time during the collaboration. 

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