CHASING THE SUN 2021- Collection of 50 Photos on Film - by Jo Pesch and Noemie Neuens

For the collection ‘Chasing the Sun 2021’ I’m sharing 50 photos from the travels with my love Noémie.

For me, apart from just sharing nostalgic photos, this is about spreading a lifestyle. A lifestyle of freedom. Of exploring. A lifestyle that has been forgotten by many, especially in 2021. A year that has challenged our freedoms in many ways.

Are we really free or are we marionettes of a system?

This collection has been created to reconnect humans to their nature of love and trust. This collection is for the people that still see the magic in the world, for those that choose not to live in fear, but with love. For those that chase the sun.

Every photo has been shot on 35mm Film.

May this collection live on the blockchain forever and remind us to always live freely.

Every first owner can ask for a free physical 16″ x 24″ print. Please send an email or DM to Jo with your address, name and proof of ownership (website linked).

For every resale, 1/3 of the royalties go to a charity that still needs to be chosen.

oceanlover, portugal.jpg
Purienne, portugal.jpg
hawaiian, portugal.jpg



So this is the part of the blockchain and nft’s that still needs improvement, and I only found out about the environmental impact after i was halfway through minting this collection. Unfortunately each transaction on the ethereum blockchain still takes a lot of electricity which is why I decided to donate 1/3 of the royalties that I receive on every resale to a charity that focuses on nature conservation in order to give back a little. Luckily they are working on a more energy efficient  ethereum 2.0 that will reduce the consumption and ecological footprint.

See/collect the full collection here